Welcome to the Royal Oak

A place so alive with personality you can almost see the walls breathing. Don't be fooled by the Oak's quaint facade. The only thing stressed at the Oak is the decor. It's a cool watering hole that attracts all types, of all styles in a broad age range but all with a similar agenda.

The Royal Oak team are passionate about good food, coffee, wine, mixology and music.

Don't expect robotic service, the staff are as cheeky as they are friendly. About the only thing they take seriously is making sure the patrons are having a great time.

BEER GARDEN NOW OPEN – come and soak up the atmosphere in our fabulous new beer garden at the Royal Oak. Relax in the sunshine and try some of our unique craft beers along with your favourites

New bar menu AND our exclusive ‘123 wines’ wine list now available.

Book Now For Father's Day

Opening Hours

Sunday 8am – 12:30am
Monday 11am – 12:30am
Tuesday - Friday 11am – 1:30am
Saturday 8am – 1:30am

Contact Information

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